Product Designer Job Description

About Rygen

Rygen designs and builds technology solutions to empower the logistics industry. Shippers, carriers, vendors, and 3PLs that join Rygen are able to eliminate painful tasks like shipment tracking, contract management, invoice payments, and other tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on the core parts of their business.

Rygen has a product-focused team that enjoys building out tools that fundamentally move the logistics industry forward. The team is made up of talented individuals from both technology companies and traditional logistics companies.

About the Job

We've recently wrapped up our initial MVP, we have paying customers, and now we're looking to fully build out our systems.

Our ideal product designer can fill a dual role providing both UX & Product Ownership.

We're looking for a product designer that can appreciate the massive opportunity that a technology driven solution can bring to the supply chain industry. You should be someone who can become an expert in the field of logistics to help identify where we can make the biggest impact and solve problems our customers have.

Rygen uses the Shape Up methodology of product development.

Your responsibilities

Your primary responsibilities will typically include:

The ideal candidate will feature the following skills and experience:

We’re looking for a confident, experienced individual for this position, but we value talent and ambition above raw numbers. If you’re a great fit for us even though you don’t fit all of the above criteria, we’d still love to hear from you!